Movable Type Projects


Part of the role of Eurocontrol in Brussels is to co-ordinate European-wide research & development activities in Air Traffic Management (ATM).

As part of the ARDEP programme – Analysis of Research & Development in European Programmes – Eurocontrol wanted to use the Internet to disseminate information about active research activities which they regularly collected into a database.

ARDEP Site Structure The major design issue was how to present project synopses according to their different classifications and groupings, in such a way that users could find the information they wanted readily, without getting lost in the large quantity of information available.

Users can navigate to projects of interest via the relevant domains, the responsible organisations, and so on. For example, they can go from the home page to the list of domains, to the projects within a domain, to the project details, and continue to navigate around related information.

More information is available in an article written for the Eurocontrol in-house magazine, and in a description written by the project manager.