Movable Type Projects


Eurocontrol in Brussels is responsible for the EATMP programme for European Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance enhancement.

One of the tasks in managing this programme involves maintaining the logical connections between operational benefits or improvements and the technical or procedural enablers that support them.

gantt chart I developed an Access database for Eurocontrol to maintain these inter-dependencies. One of the requirements of the project was to generate Gantt-style charts directly from the information in the Access database.

This was achieved by using Visual Basic Office Automation scripting in Microsoft Visio to extract the information from Access draw the charts.

The resulting charts are more than a graphical representation of the dependencies indicated in the database – they are fully functional interactive Gantt charts, and once they have been generated from the database, they can be manipulated within Visio to explore the effects of modifying timescales and inter-dependancies.