Movable Type Projects

Premier Sport booking system

Premier Sport provides coaching for children in primary schools across the country. They needed a system to manage all the courses they run, and bookings on those courses. Also needed was an online booking system which parents could use to book their children directly onto courses.

Database schema
Database schema: courses, schools, coaches, children, bookings, payments are all managed by the BMS

Underpinning a successful system of this kind is an appropriate database design.

Designing a database is part science, part experience. Primarily, the entities in the database must reflect the real-world which is being modelled, but many aspects of design are also determined by how the system is to be used.

For instance, whether something is to be an entity in its own right, or simply an attribute of another entity, is often a complex choice to make (a person’s boss may be just a field of a table, or may be a table in its own right, depending on the requirements of the system).

Course booking

Such an online system meant that all management and coaching staff could have a common, up-to-date overview (replacing a system of spreadsheets exchanged by e-mail). When parents make online bookings, the booking is immediately visible to managers and coaches.

I also developed the original online booking system, which has now been replaced by one developed by a marketing agency (running off the same data).

The site was developed using the FuelPHP MVC framework.