Movable Type Projects


Track.Trail provide event tracking services for foot and cycle races, Duke of Edinburgh events, and similar. They provide trackers for events, displaying the tracker locations on a map.

However, prior to my involvement, the web page refreshes were made every three minutes, which provided a poor user experience, and also created load spikes on the web server which was holding back expansion opportunities. Their offshore developers were struggling to represent tracker locations in real time, and after initially offering guidance to the developers, I was eventually engaged to redevelop the site.

I created a system which could respond in real time to reports received from the tracker devices:

Through a rethought architecture, and the use of Node.js, the capacity of the site increased by 10-fold, if not 100-fold, enabling business expansion opportunities.

We continue to work as an effective team, jointly finding improvements to the website user experience (UX), not least through canvassing feedback from users.